An 10 Week Guided Course to RELEASE Excess Weight, IGNITE Your Spiritual Power
& TRANSFORM Your Whole Body Health
The Next Tribe launches in FEBRUARY 2019!

Charlie Jordan Brookins
Health Coach, Person Fitness Trainer &
Founder, Fit thru Faith

The Transformation begins on February 12th!

 * YOU'RE EXHAUSTED and over-capacity taking care of everyone else.   And just when you’re ready to make the commitment to your health, life happens - a new deadline at work, a sick child, a parent’s illness – honestly you're physically and spiritually tapped out.

* YOU'RE AVOIDING THE MIRROR  - Your reflection, especially around the mid-section, is not bringing you joy.  In fact, you've stopped really SEEING yourself in the mirror.  And the blank stare at the closet trying to find something stylish, but comfortable, to wear is getting tired, too.

* YOU'VE BEEN THERE/DONE THAT with diet after diet after diet, but the cravings take control, the weight comes back and it sometimes brings friends.  And honestly, you've lived long enough to know that there are just some foods that you aren't interested in giving up.  (did someone say bacon?)

* YOU'RE STARTING TO BELIEVE THE HYPE  that the creeping weight around your belly is just a part of your pre/peri/post menopausal existence.

* YOU'RE OVERWHELMED - The mere thought of making changes to your lifestyle is overwhelming.   And it doesn’t help that there's so much conflicting information.  Who has time to figure out which plan is “the one” that’s going to get you RESULTS?

* BOTTOM-LINE - You know what you need to do, but you're too busy, too tired and you don't know where to start!


I'm standing at your door with TOTAL TEMPLE TRANSFORMATION!
Step into the STARTING BLOCK and we'll cross the finish line TOGETHER!
Yes, We Can!
(do this together)
Finally!  The Spiritual Foundation You've Been Missing For Lasting Weight Loss
N​​​o Crazy Diets, Calorie Counting, Deprivation. Long Sweat Sessions or Gimmicks
Conquer Your Cravings, Release the Weight and  Enjoy Good Health for Life!
Charlie Jordan Brookins
Head Coach & Founder, Fit thru Faith
Dear friend, I pray that you may ENJOY GOOD  HEALTH and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. - 3 John 1:2 (NIV)


A LIVE Virtual Weight Release and Healthy Lifestyle Transformation System
 10 Weeks of Live Training 
Beginning February 12th!

So what’s so different about T3's  approach to weight loss and
healthy lifestyle?


 Multiple studies have shown that over 90% of diets fail long term.  This is not surprising as many are based on some form of deprivation and WILL POWER, which is LIMITED.

T3's  SECRET SAUCE is SPIRIT POWER , which is available in ABUNDANCE - any time – anywhere!

This is Your Time, Your Year,
and Your Season!
Total Temple Transformation (T3) was birthed from my relentless passion to be a bridge for grown and spiritually grounded women to receive and achieve ALL God's best in their whole body health and their lives!

The struggle is real!  I know it well personally and wrestle with it daily, but as a Certified Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer, I also know what works and how to partner with you to get real results!
T3 was designed for you - yes you - the busy multi-hat wearing super woman who gives and does all for everyone else first - leaving little left over for you. T3 is spiritually driven, and its 8 Step Signature System builds one step at a time to set you up for true success.

Using practical evidenced-based research, tools and tips for safe, effective and lasting weight release, T3 is not about depriving you of the foods you love.  Instead I will teach you to powerfully use mindfulness and choice to RENEW your mind and your relationship with food and excercise.  
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. - Romans 12:2
Let's Get Real!
REAL SPIRITUAL Foundation & Food
REAL SOLUTIONS for Lasting Lifestyle Change
REAL SUPPORT & Accountability
REAL STRUCTURE - T3's 8-Step Signature System  and Divinely Designed Healthy Life*Style Practice are designed to build lifetime healthy habits,  one step and a time.
REAL SUCCESS - 100% of those who have completed the program were "very satisfied."
What's Included...


10 - LIVE 75-Minute Weekly Training Sessions Beginning February 12th 
(On Monday Evenings)

Pre-Recoreded Orientation Warm-Up Module 

 Admission to a Private, Password Protected Membership-only Web Portal 

Easy Access to Download Your Homework and Resources Each Week From the Portal 
(as well as review recordings of the LIVE web calls)

 A Private Facebook Group for The T3 Tribe for "sharing is caring" 
 Tips, recipes, support, and motivation and inspiration.

Daily Emails  to Keep You Connected and Supported

Fruits of the Spirit Bible Study

A Sister Circle of Like-minded Woman
Sharing the same experiences, feelings, challenges and triumphs with you.

A One-on-One Coaching Call with Charlie for Individualized Attention and Focused Goal Setting

And a TON of Additional Resources
 Articles, tips, forms, guides, recipes and tech tools to use and reuse when you need your second wind.

"I love Fit thru Faith! It is a total program which impacts the total person; mind, body and soul. Through Fit thru Faith, I learned that I am in control of my health and that I could change my bad eating habits. I have been able to maintain a healthy fitness level for years and my medical numbers have proved it. Thank you, Charlie for helping me to change every area of my life and to become Fit thru Faith!" - Dianne
“Your classes and program were truly one of my best accomplishments in 2016. You  physically and mentally placed me on a new path to total wellness and for this gift I will be eternally grateful.  Fit thru Faith is a plan for living our best life. Charlie is the real deal. I wish everyone would give themselves the Fit thru Faith gift this year. It's changed my life." 
- Marilyn 
"When I think of Fit thru Faith, the word that comes to my mind is "transforming," because that's how I experienced the program! It’s a whole body program that uses nutrition, exercise and the word of God to direct you in the best ways to care for your "temple".  Even though I completed Fit thru Faith many years ago, I still use many of the principles Charlie taught to maintain my temple."  - Gwen
Charlie Jordan Brookins
Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer & Multi-tasking Mom
Don't let the smile or figure fool you, I am not a genetically slender person.  The belly bulge is very popular with the women in my family, so I know it well.  I know the blank stare at the closet looking for something stylish, yet comfortable.  I've seen the bottom of a cookie bag or ice cream pint many a time in a single sitting. 

Cravings are biological and real!  And when I left my Corporate America to focus full-time on Fit thru Faith, I was beginning to accept that the extra 10-15 pounds I was carrying was just a package deal with entering my 5th decade of life.

But not true and not so fast!  With a few simple agreements with myself, I was able to drop the weight without dieting or much effort by implementing the same lifetime lifestyle practices I will teach you in T3 - and you'll get so much more!  

I’ve had 4 hip surgeries and given birth to 2 children naturally in my 40’s.  I've had an ongoing love/not really feeling you relationship with the mirror, but I’m committed to my Divinely Designed Healthy Life*Style Practice for the rest of my life because I have an epic contribution to make to this world - and so do you!  


We can do this together!

Take the WEIGHT Off of WEIGHT LOSS and Make the Mirror Your Best Friend!

The Journey begins February 12th!

Together we will remove the barriers that are blocking your blessing of a happy body
and healthy life - so you can run your race with confidence and style!

This program is for you if:

* You are a grown woman of faith who is FINALLY ready to go ALL IN for God's best for your life
and health!

* You want more energy, confidence, creativity and curvyliciousness!

* You're tired of going it alone and are ready to get off the Diet Rollercoaster once and for all. 

* You've been longing for a sisterhood of like-minded women to walk with you, pray with you  and
support you on your whole body health adventure.

* You're ready to make a true commitment to yourself, to God and to all those who are waiting for you to live out loud in your purpose.


Whether you have significant weight to lose, or are looking to maintain your weight, but transform
your habits for lifetime success - I've Got You Covered!

Week to Week Breakdown
Your Divinely Designed Healty Life*Style Blueprint
Becoming a Radical Label Reader
Biblical Foundation for Lifelong Whole Body Health
WEEK ONE - On Your Mark, Reset, Go!
T3 Priniciples:  Power/Purpose
The Importance of Your Spiritual Foundation for Lifelong Whole Body Health
Discovering Your Big Bold Why
Turning Your Barriers Into Blessings
WEEK TWO - Pit Stop - Pause & Reflect
T3 Priniciples:  Presence/Positive Mindset
Silencing your Negative Chatter
Building Your Entourage of Support
Powerful Principles for Mindful Eating
Setting Goals Built for Success
WEEK THREE - The Hurdles
T3 Priniciples:  Presence/Power Nourish Plan
Understanding and Controling the Sassy Sabotuers - Pt. 1   (Sugar)
Harnessing Your Tastebud Hijacking Hormones
The Clean-Eating Challenge - aka "Tastebuds-in-Training" Prep
WEEK FOUR - The Clean Eating Challenge
T3 Priniciples:  Power Nourish Plan
Understanding and Controlling the Sassy Sabotuers - Pt. 2   (Stress & Sleep)
The Clean-Eating Challenge - aka "Tastebuds-in-Training"
One on one Coaching Calls with Charlie
WEEK FIVE - Taking the Lead with Power Choices
T3 Priniciples:  Power Nourish Plan
The T3 Power Plan for Choosing, Cooking and Enjoying Good Food
The Secret Sauce Practice  - "The IntentionTriad"
Mastering Portions Without Measuring Your Food
WEEK SIX - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
T3 Priniciples:  Pleasure Planning
Pleasure Planning 101
Creating a Daily Routine
WEEK SEVEN - Going the Second Mile - Knowledge is Power
T3 Priniciples:  Power Nourish Plan
The Skinny on Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates  for Weight Loss  
Goof Proof Menu Planning
WEEK EIGHT - Action is Sexy!
T3 Priniciples:  Physical Activity
The Building Blocks of a Workout Practice You Love
Stabilty & Stamina
WEEK NINE - Action is Sexy!
T3 Priniciples:  Physical Activity
The Building Blocks of a Workout Practice You Love - Part 2 (Strength)
Practical, Functional, Critical Strength Training
Your Perseverance Plan
WEEK TEN - Crossing the Finish Line
T3 Priniciples:  Physical Activity/Perseverance
The Mega-Review
Building Your Winning Playbook to Win the Race of Life!
Join the Course Today!

I want you to have peace, confidence and joy about your investment in this program, and I'm confident that you will have success.  I believe in you and this proven system so much that you have until the 2nd Session to decide if T3 is for you.  If you fully participate in the first 2 Trainings, are active in the Facebook group, and are not fully satisfied with the program, I will give you a full refund. Just email your completed work from the Orientation and Lap 1 showing you were "all in" and you'll receive a full, 100% refund.  No explanation required.


Will I really lose weight?  If you follow the 8 Step Signature System, the eating formula and are consistently active physically doing things you enjoy, you should absolutely lose weight.  But I also want to be clear that multiple studies have shown that safe weight loss that is maintainable is 1-2 pounds week.  We are in it for the long haul!  The focus of the 10 Weeks is building agreements and behaviors that will jumpstart your weight loss during the race and help you continue to lose or maintain your weight after our time together.
Is there a meal plan?  While I do believe in meal planning, I'm not a big fan of meal plans.  First of all,  I don't know what food and flavors you like =).   I also prefer to use our precious time together building your meal planning muscle so you feel confident when you cross the finish line to do it on your own.  Instead, T3 has a nourishing formula with plenty of lists, tips and recipe resources for you to learn how to work your Style in your Divinely Designed Healthy Life*Style Practice.  If you need a regimented meal-by-meal plan, we do have affordable recommendations.
 Do I have to sweat out my hair?  So....T3's focus is on whole body health and physical activity is absolutely a part of that.  The main focus during our short time together is establishing habits and behaviors that renew your mind and transform your relationship with food that will last you a lifetime.  That's a lot of work =).   With physical activity, we are going to build a consistent practice of moving every day.  If you have a workout routine you love, you will absolutely be encouraged to continue that and more.  But if you haven't been moving consistently, we will gradually build in a practice of moderate daily activity.
What is the time commitment?
I always love this question because the reality is that you will get out of this program what you put into it.  The beginning of the program is front loaded with self-examination and reflection to recognize and reset your thoughts and behaviors and equip you with the tools, tips and strategies to run your race.  The back half is more action oriented as you begin to truly "work your practice" and experience real results.   But let me break it down as best I can in the list below:
* 75 minute Weekly Live Training Call (this will be recorded for replay)
* Weekly Homework (aka Lifework) - I would schedule an 30-60 minutes over the course of the week for this
* Weekly Self-Examination Work - Time will vary as most of it coincides with your daily activities, but you will need to set some time (guestimate 20 minutes) to complete your Food Journals
* Weekly Meal Planning (Varies)
* Gradual build to a minimum of 10 minutes of Moderate Daily Activity

Net, net, I would guestimate 3+ hours per week.